Friday fictioneers – After the hunt

PHOTO PROMPT © Jan Wayne Fields

Perdy had triumphed on the hunt. She sat outside her tent, arms around the corkscrew horns of an enormous kudu bull. Its blood-clotted nose rested in her lap.

‘What a trophy,’ someone said.

Perdy smirked and looked across at Violet.

‘Jolly well done, darling,’ Violet said. ‘Do you have the right wall for it? Back home?’


‘You’ve not moved in with me, have you!’

Perdy’s mouth twitched in a sort-of smile.

Violet took the smile and turned it into her own. Her fingers caught at mine. ‘Goodness, if everyone who came to one of my parties moved in, there’d be no room for me.’


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20 thoughts on “Friday fictioneers – After the hunt

  1. Louise, I enjoyed this but was a tad confused which is also cultural in part. I’ve never been hunting and live in Australia. I assumed Perdy was male but upon further reading, seems to be female. It’s getting late here and I thought she was opening a bottle of wine with the corkscrew horns.
    Maybe I haven’t had enough to drink!
    xx Rowena


    • Ha ha – I’m not sure about the not enough to drink part. I think I (half unwittingly) provided plenty of scope for confusion. I’ve never been hunting either but I can confirm Perdy (yes, female) isn’t using the horns as a corkscrew ;-))


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